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Welcome to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy located at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village, the most inspiring place on earth, where you will learn not only to play THE GAME but learn the values of THE GAME like nowhere else in America.

The Academy is a facility-based training experience for the Hungry, the Driven and the Game Changer – For all those who dare to be great. Playmakers Welcome.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Pro Football Hall of Fame is to honor the heroes of the game, preserve its history, promote its values and celebrate excellence everywhere. The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy was created to empower athletes to succeed, to be excellent on game-day and to reach their destiny.

Every athlete faces a unique and exciting journey. Core to this journey is the ambition for excellence. Core to our belief is that great players are made, not born.

We brought together the nation’s best coaches from the NFL ranks, sports scientists and nationally renowned trainers to the best facility to imagine the future of training at every position. Then we built a very special place where this new facility-based training will live and where special athletes will be called to train.

For today’s athlete, we combined the latest training technology, state of the art testing and master positional coaches from the NFL to create a world class curriculum for today’s middle school and prep athletes. This new training paradigm focuses on the entire athlete.

The Academy lives at the new Pro Football Hall of Fame Village where excellence is the standard and to where the best are called by the very best to have ever played the game.

For your journey, we invite you to a life-changing and career-changing experience at the new Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy headquartered at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, Ohio.

Welcome Video

An Elite Football Training Experience

The Architects

A member of the strategic planning team for the $500 million dollar Pro Football Hall of Fame Village, Richard McGuinness has been appointed to oversee and lead the new facility-based training called the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy. A former Division II wide receiver and creator of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl (NBC), Rich believes this role is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Rich’s personal defining moment occurred in 1988 at Giants Stadium – a moment that forever shaped his belief in football development. A few years before that night, Rich arrived at Santa Clara University as a wide receiver with excellent physical ability and measurables. But three seasons of limited playing time left him disappointed with his college career and searching for answers. Rich admired Phil McConkey, an Annapolis graduate and featured wide receiver on the New York Giants Super Bowl winning team. McGuinness compared to McConkey physically, but suspected there was a lot more to his own development for success.


Rich drove to Giants Stadium in the hopes of meeting McConkey. He jumped the fence to meet McConkey and question him about the missing ingredient. Although surprised, McConkey could see Rich’s commitment and his determination. He gave Rich three hours of his time, imparting a unique education on how to be a great wide receiver. McConkey outlined his entire workout and underscored the secret of working hard every day - including the need to catch 500 balls daily. Rich followed his guidance and saw drastic improvement in his muscle memory and ability. Rich’s only regret was this career-changing education was not discovered and acted upon earlier.

The experience that evening formed the basis for Rich’s passion for football development. He imagined a world where athletes, hungry for success and with a dedicated work ethic, would receive great coaching and training. For the last 20 years, Rich has been imagining and building this new world and training the nation’s top athletes. Rich created national football properties such as the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Football University and the National Youth Football Championship. These premier properties developed and showcased the nation’s top football athletes in high school and middle school every year.

After selling his interest in those properties, Rich began to focus on the New World. Led by the emergence of 7v7 football nationally, in 2014, Rich launched the biggest 7v7 platform in the country called the adidas State Championship Series in 10 states that will feature close to 500 football teams. He also created Pro Day, a new NFL combine training program with renowned trainer Chip Smith that focuses on small school NFL prospects with big-time potential. Rich has also spent considerable time developing plans to reintroduce character development at the youth and prep level, an important but forgotten part in today’s national football debate.

Rich’s passion for elite athlete development led him to imagine the new world and the evolution of training for prep and middle school athletes. Rich’s goal was to develop and define the new curriculum. Since leaving his old company (All-American Games), Rich has continued his search for training ideas and has met with top minds including top NFL coaches, college coaches, prep and youth coaches, sports scientists, movement experts, performance trainers, technology experts and leadership experts to better understand how to deliver the nation’s best and affordable training experience to the next generation.

The missing ingredient was a world-class facility where this one-of-a-kind training would live. Against the backdrop of the $500 million dollar Pro Football Hall of Fame Village, emerges the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy where top coaches, eager athletes and the latest training technology come together. This facility-based training also features a unique culture that promotes the timeless values that are the cornerstone of Pro Football Hall of Fame - the values that shape the character of young men.

Rich and his team are excited to carry out the Academy mission at a special place that will soon be the world’s leading training facility.

What Football Experts Are Saying

“I have worked with Rich McGuinness for years. He brings together top athletes and top coaches on one field to create football magic. I am thrilled that the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy will be the home to the nation’s top coaches from the NFL ranks who will impact hungry football players ready to improve their game.”

Larry Kennan

NFL Coaches Association, Executive Director (1998-2011) and long-time NFL Assistant Coach (Raiders, Broncos, Colts)

“Rich, along with his top coaches and unique training system do a tremendous job developing athletes on the field and in the classroom to prepare them for college football success and in life. I am excited about the Academy's mission and new facility-based training Rich and his team will lead in Canton.”

Merril Hoge

ESPN Football Analyst, former Running Back Steelers and Father of a Division I Athlete

“I have known Rich for almost 20 years and watched his elite training and showcase events impact top middle school and prep athletes change the national football landscape. I have no doubt The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy will be the home to football’s next generation of playmakers and the place to watch the nation’s top college football prospects train and compete.”

Paul Gonnella

Long-time college football recruiter and former director of Player Personnel at the University of Alabama, 2012-2013 (Purdue, Memphis, North Carolina, University of Miami, USF), CEO of The Process.

“Rich’s passion to help young football athlete’s improve comes from a life-time commitment for football excellence. I witnessed it first-hand when Rich was a college wide receiver and have watched his training programs make an impact with thousands of young athletes across the country. The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy will be a game changer and the place to train if you want the best.”

Phil McConkey

New York Giants Wide Receiver and Super Bowl Champion (1987)

“Through his top coaches and training system, Rich has been a pioneer in creating the most thoughtful well-rounded training platforms for athletes who want to play college football. I am excited to hear how The Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy will advance the ball using the latest technology and training innovation.”

Richard Hempel

Father of Conner Hempel, Quarterback, Harvard (2011-2014) and Indianapolis Colts (2015)


The New Curriculum

Improving. Competing. Dominating. Winning.

The Pillars of Our World Class Football Development

The Ultimate Coaching Staff

Gold Jacket, 2 NFL Former Head Coaches and over 100 years of NFL coaching experience


Rod Woodson

HOF Academy Ambassador / DBs Coach

Hall of Famer, Former NFL Player (Steelers and Raiders), Current NFL Assistant Coach (Raiders)


Sam Wyche

HOF Academy Head Coach / QBs Coach

Former NFL Head Coach (Bengals and Buccaneers), Quarterback Coach (49ers) and NFL Player


Chuck Bresnahan

DL Coach

Long-time NFL assistant coach (Bengals, Browns, Colts) and Defensive Coordinator (Raiders, USF)


Howard Mudd

Curriculum Director / OL Coach

Former NFL All Pro Player and Former NFL Coach (Colts), Former NFL Assistant Coach (Chargers, 49ers, Seahawks, Browns, Chiefs, Saints, Eagles)


Steve Hagen

QBs / WRs / Special Teams Coach

Current NFL assistant Coach (Jets) and long-time college assistant coach (Cal, San Jose State, Kent State, Illinois, Northern Arizona, Notre Dame, Nevada-Reno)


Pete Metzelaars

TE / OL Coach

16-Year NFL Veteran – Seahawks, Bills, Panthers, Lions; Former NFL Assistant Coach - Colts, Bills, Chargers


Kurt Gouveia

LBs Coach

13 Year NFL Veteran (Redskins, Eagles, Chargers), Long-Time professional linebackers coach and NFL Combine Prep Coach, and current college linebackers coach (University of Hawaii)


Will Sullivan

DBs Coach

Private skills trainer to All-Pro Darrell Revis and other NFL top defensive backs


Charlie Coiner

RBs Coach

Former NFL Coach (Bears and Bills)


Chip Smith

Player Performance Trainer

Top NFL Combine Trainer, has trained over 1,500 players including (Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, and Tyrod Taylor)


Rod Hood

DBs Coach

Former NFL Player (Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, St. Louis Rams and coaching intern – Cardinals)


Scott Brown

DL Coach

Former NFL Defensive Line Coach (49ers)

2016 Summer Roll Out

This July 2016, the Academy will open two special sessions featuring top athletes from around the country. These invite-only sessions will focus on top prep and top middle school athletes with 250 total athletes per group. Next year, there will be 9 fields and the use of the completed Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, the finest 23,000 seat NFL style stadium in the country. As the $500 million dollar Pro Football Hall of Fame Village is completed over the next few years, the Academy will officially begin training athletes of all abilities in the summer of 2017 with various programs. However, this July 2016, the Academy will open two special sessions featuring top athletes from around the country. All private training sessions are sold out for summer 2016. 2017 Private Sessions will be announced in August of 2017.

Game Changers Session

For Top Prep Athletes

From July 10th – 13th, 2016, the Game Changers Academy, featuring NFL master coaches, will invite and train 250 top prep athletes for three and half days that will feature 22-hours of the elite athlete training experience, including comprehensive testing, master coaching, competition and the new football curriculum. This session will feature athletes graduating high school in 2017, 2018 and 2019 (rising 9th, 10th and 11th graders). A guide to the positional breakdown will be as follows:

Grade (Graduation Yr) QB RB WR TE OL DB LB DL
11th Grade (2017) 12 12 12 4 12 10 12 12
10th Grade (2018) 12 12 12 4 12 10 12 12
9th Grade (2019) 12 12 12 4 12 10 12 12

Playmakers Session

For Top Middle School Athletes

From July 14th – 17th, 2016, the Playmaker’s Academy, featuring its NFL coaches, will invite and train 250 top middle school athletes for three and half days that will feature 22-hours of the elite athlete training experience including testing, master coaching, competition and the new football curriculum. This session will feature athletes to graduate high school in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (rising 7th and 8th graders and exceptional rising 6th graders). A guide to the positional breakdown will be as follows:

Grade (Graduation Yr) QB RB WR TE OL DB LB DL
8th Grade (2020) 18 18 18 4 18 12 18 18
7th Grade (2021) 18 18 18 4 18 12 18 18

2016 National Lineman Challenge
Invite Only

"It's All About the Trenches"
Training and Testing

One Day Only - July 13, 2016
12:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Chuck Bresnahan

Session Leader / DL Coach

Former NFL defensive coordinator with the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders


Scott Brown

Session Assistant / DL Coach

Former NFL defensive line coach with the San Francisco 49ers


Howard Mudd

Session Assistant / OL Coach

Former NFL All Pro and former NFL offensive line coach with the Colts, Chargers, 49ers, Seahawks, Browns, Chiefs, Saints, and Eagles

  • Top linemen prospects from 2017/18/19/20 classes
  • NFL and Hall of Fame level instruction
  • Evaluations and rankings from the nation’s top scouts; data sent out to 200+ colleges
  • Saber metric testing designed specifically for “Training in the Trenches”
  • NFL coaching concepts


Pro-Day and Combine Training

Above the Neck Training

Axon Sports

Axon Logo

The R&D of the Academy – Reactions and Decision-Making (Axon Sports – the New Neuroscience of Football):

At the Academy, we believe reaction and decision-making are crucial to on-field success, so we have partnered with Axon Sports the leader in sports cognitive training.

Axon Sports is the leading provider of cognitive assessment and training tools to professional, collegiate and elite amateur athletes. Through customized programs at our advanced performance centers or with our individualized iPad/iPhone applications, athletes can assess and improve their skills leveraging six key cognitive domains: pattern recognition, anticipation/reaction, decision making, focus, imagination and emotional regulation.

We believe that every athlete at every position needs to be tested, trained and developed in how they process the game cognitively.  The game of football is fast and getting faster with the pass-oriented up-tempo offenses seen from youth football to the NFL.  Despite its critical importance, on-field anticipation, reaction and decision making has not been utilized in traditional football training.  Before any pass is thrown or caught or any tackle is made, athletes must use their brain to process an overload of information.  Great football players have the ability to instantly react and make better on-field decisions over four quarters. Football starts with the athlete’s brain and the new neuroscience of football developed by Axon Sports creates tools to measure and train the ability for athletes to react and make decisions on the football field… in fractions of a second.  Making these decisions quickly and accurately, results in the game ‘slowing down’ for athletes.

Axon Sports’ slogan is “Train Above the Neck” and through our partnership we intend to do precisely that. By leveraging the progress Axon Sports has made in terms of scientific and technological advancement, we expect the R&D of the Academy to lead the way in training football players’ reactions and decision-making, thereby maximizing their success on the field.

Character Development

The Muñoz Agency

At the Academy, we change lives - as an athlete and as a young man. CHARACTER GAMEPLAN is the only character development program to use football terminology and insight from members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame to help young people begin to become persons who are capable of making good decisions—every time.  The attributes of good character presented by the CHARACTER GAMEPLAN program were derived from research conducted with members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame along with hundreds of current and former National Football League players, coaches, and front office personnel.  Pro Football Hall of Famer Anthony Muñoz assisted with the creation of CHARACTER GAMEPLAN and continues to consult on program offerings.

Our Parents

A Parent’s Football Journey Also Leads Through Canton, Ohio


An athlete’s journey is shared by a parent. From the huge dreams to the thousands of hours of training, to the physical struggles and emotional ups and downs of the sport, our parents get a front row seat.

Parents serve as the primary manager and architect for their child’s career and help them understand the requirements for success. It is a daunting but achievable task. Training will entail thousands of hours during a career. Time needs to be spent efficiently and productively.

We coach parents to understand our core developmental beliefs:
At the Academy, we are experts at athlete development and are passionate about sharing that expertise over four educational and eye opening days – the most important link between the Academy and your child. Our break-out programming will focus on:

The Academy takes great pride in training athletes and assisting parents along this journey.

We invite you to attend, listen, learn, participate and leave with the education and skills necessary to succeed.

In The News

2015 NFL Prep Academy Hosted by the Hall of Fame Featuring the Nation’s Top Prep Underclassman

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